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Mayor Sala Wins Re-election, AC Milan and Inter Milan Want To Accelerate New Stadium

Hopefully the go ahead for the project arrives by the end of the year.

Mario Draghi And Liliana Segre Visit The Shoah Memorial In Milan Photo by Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Gazzetta dello Sport via are reporting that Mayor Giuseppe Sala won his re-election bid to for the City of Milan last week. This is important for AC Milan and Inter Milan as he had worked with them on the stadium project for ages now. He has already commented to say:

“On San Siro I didn’t stop the engines for the elections, but because we have to go to the Council. An outgoing mayor could not have tackled such a delicate issue in the right way. I can say that the representatives of Milan and Inter have already WhatsApp messaged asking me for a meeting, I will be happy to meet them.”

Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni spoke on the radio via Calcio Mercato to say:

“We have made important steps forward with a young, balanced team. Steps forward on the cost front, on the revenue front the Covid has given us a blow. Happy to reconfirm Mayor Sala because the stadium project restarts. The other evening I immediately wrote to Sala to congratulate him, he replied in a nice way saying: ‘I am calling you to take up the project again’.”