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AC Milan and Inter Milan’s New Stadium Will Miss The 2026 Winter Olympics Target

The clubs will need to supplement their revenues through other streams for another five years.

AC Milan

AC Milan and Inter Milan will have to wait until 2027 to open their new planned stadium as confirmations have arrived from the Mayor of Milan and Inter’s CEO that the 2026 target is no longer feasible.

There is a confirmation that the San Siro will host the 2026 Winter Olympics opening ceremony hence the Nuovo Stadio Milano would only open in 2027 at this point. This will be a bit of a blow to the clubs but at least there is some clarity on the way forward.

Inter’s CEO commented on Sala’s press release to say via Football Italia:

“There is a road map that we hope will speed up the approval process. We have not yet discussed technical matters. We are willing to review the entire project from the perspective of environmental sustainability as long as there is a certainty about the timing. By now, the horizon is 2027. The deadline has become that. The Olympics will be at the Meazza.”