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LEAKED: AC Milan Set To Release Special Edition Shirt With PUMA King In 2022

The Rossoneri will be following in last season’s footsteps with another additional shirt drop. are reporting that AC Milan and PUMA will release a special edition shirt this season called the Puma Milan Football Heritage Jersey. The shirt will be branded as Puma King rather than just Puma alongside the Milan club crest.

The shirt is expected to have a retail price of $80 and will be available in March 2022. The shirt will not feature any of the club’s sponsors on the shirt such as Emirates nor BitMex hence it is unclear if it will be released as a football shirts or a t-shirt. Either way it will not be worn in official matches.

The shirt will have a black base, with red as the accent and white for the logos. A mock up of the shirt can be seen in the gallery below.

It is unclear at this point if this is the same as the previously announce Street style football short that was expected from Puma.