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AC Milan Fined Of Use of Laser Lights By Fans Against Hellas Verona

The fans were visibly shocked by the two early goals.

FBL-ITA-SERIEA-AC MILAN-VERONA Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images are reporting that AC Milan have been slapped with a fine of 10,000 euros over the conduct of the fans in the match against Hellas Verona in Serie A this weekend. The Rossoneri won the game 3-2 in an incredible comeback display. The fine has been given for the fans ‘directing a beam of laser-light on multiple occasions towards the players of the opposing team’ confirmed in Official Notice no. 65 of the Sports Judge. The incident was quite clear and even visible on the TV feed when Antonin Barak was stepping up to his penalty and the green laser light was visible on his face. The attacker buried his penalty anyway but he was definitely hindered by the laser light which is banned.

The Rossoneri will need to be cautious going forward at the San Siro as the needless fines would create a bad reputation for the fans and cost the club money.