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AC Milan and Inter Milan Leaning Toward Popolous Design For New Stadium

Milan could get an acceleration of the project at the end of this month.

AC Milan

Corriere della Sera via are reporting that AC Milan and Inter Milan could get their stadium project off the ground in the coming months as the city of Milan have their council election next week and the new elected officials will likely take a final decision on giving the project the go ahead. The report states that the design for the stadium known as ‘The Cathedral’ from the American firm Populous will emerge the winner. They also add that Mario Cucinella Architects will be selected to work on part of the project.

Tuttosport via are reporting that Mayor Beppe Sala is projected to be re-elected and an acceleration of the project will follow. The go ahead from the council is getting closer but the election must pass first. This report notes that ‘The Cathedral’ by Populous is the favourite but ‘The Two Rings’ from Manica/Sportium is still in the running.