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Agent of AC Milan Midfielder Comments On The Contract Renewal Situation

The agreement between the parties remains missing leading to a media circus around the negotiation.

Atalanta BC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

AC Milan and Franck Kessie seem to be at a standstill regarding the new contract for the midfielder following his outstanding displays last season. He has not kicked off this season as well but is slowly growing in influence. There remains much controversy around the situation thus both sides tend to comment every once in a while.

The agent of the player George Atangana has spoken to Calcio Mercato to say:

On the renewal: “There is all this media confusion regarding the renewal of Kessie with Milan. I don’t have the same approach to this negotiation: there are players due at Inter, Marseille, Napoli, Monchengladbach, Juventus and other clubs, but we are not talking about them with the same energy.

On Kessie’s comments from the Olympics: “For an important player, you always need a contract worthy of it.”

On the reported €6.5 million offer: “There was an official offer from the club and a request from the agent, but we are talking about figures very far from what you are referring to.”

On the proposition to crosstown Inter Milan: “A footballer of Franck’s calibre doesn’t need to be proposed to anyone. And in any case, I’ve never talked to Inter.

On the news coverage: “For too long, the same things have been said incorrectly. I feel sorry for those who read them, believing them to be true,”