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Mayor Sala Says The Decision Is His Regarding The New Stadium Of AC Milan

The project needs to take concrete steps forward by the end of the year of risks a massive delay.

Youth4Climate Pre-COP Event In Milan Photo by Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto via Getty Images

AC Milan and Inter Milan want to get on with the approvals for the Nuovo Stadio Milano which is an essential part of the growth strategies for both the historic clubs. The city council of Milan have been a major impediment thus far constantly raising new issues with the clubs and the Mayor has commented to reiterate the same again.

Mayor Beppe Sala has commented on the situation to say via

“Inter and Milan asked me to meet them and I will do so soon, then it will be time to decide. Not everyone sees it in the same way, but everyone knows what the rule is: if you don’t arrive at a synthesis, in the end, I decide.”

These comments come a few days following his initial statement as we reported here:

“On San Siro I didn’t stop the engines for the elections, but because we have to go to the Council. An outgoing mayor could not have tackled such a delicate issue in the right way. I can say that the representatives of Milan and Inter have already WhatsApp messaged asking me for a meeting, I will be happy to meet them.”