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Milan Player Ratings: Milan 1-2 Inter Milan

A heated derby sees Milan bow out of the Coppa Italia

FC Internazionale v AC Milan - Coppa Italia Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Well I’m not sure how I can recap such a strange and volatile derby like that but I'll try. Milan looked to bounce back after an embarrassing performance against Atalanta in Serie A. At the start of the match Milan seemed to bounce back and look like their regular selves again as they had a few opportunities to score in the first 10 minutes. The 20th minute saw the debut for Fikayo Tomori as Simon Kjaer came up a injury after making a tackle. Inter had a chance after the substitution but couldn't capitalize. In the 31st minute Milan scored and who else could it be but Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Then in the 45th minute the match exploded. It all started with a late tackle from Romagnoli in which Lukaku didn't appreciate. Then Lukaku and Zlatan started going at each other, exchanging insults which enraged Lukaku even more. When everything was said and done both men got yellow cards but some could question if Lukaku deserved a red. Nonetheless at the half Milan were up a goal.

The second half told a very different story as in the 58th minute Zlatan was sent off with his second yellow, the ref might have wanted to take another look at that challenge. Down to 10 men Milan had no choice but to sit back and defend with all their heart. Milan defended perfectly and then the 70th minute struck where Inter Milan were awarded a penalty kick. Different angles showed different parts of the challenge and from some angles it looked like a foul but from others it did not. It was given and Lukaku stepped up hitting the crossbar and scoring. The madness didn't end there however because later on the referee had to be taken off because of injury. Even with all the commotion Milan held strong up until the 96th minute where Inter scored too seal the victory.

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Ciprian Tatarusanu: I am amazed by how Tatarusanu played. It was something that I didn't expect in a million years, he was amazing. 8.5/10

Diogo Dalot: Finally Dalot performs in a match. After a bit of a rough start covering Perisic Dalot got back on track and was locked in. 6.5/10

Simon Kjaer: Kjaer only played about 20 minutes but he was good in those 20 minutes. Now again please don't let his injury be serious. 6/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Alessio showed up in a big match. He was great against Inter and really held Lukaku in check. Even when Inter threw everything at Milan, Alessio held strong. 6.5/10

Theo Hernandez: Theo was good in this match and especially on the defensive end. When Hakimi came on I thought he would get the best of Theo but that wasn't the case as Theo really held his own. 6.5/10

Franck Kessie: I’ve seen people on Twitter say that Kessie had a bad game but I disagree. Kessie was the only one in the midfield and he did literally all he could with not much help. It might not have been his best game but he surely wasn't bad. 6/10

Soualiho Meite: Two games where Meite didn't perform. I know he has just gotten integrated into the system but he has to do better than what he is showing. On the ball he is a mess and lost it way too many times for my liking, not to mention the questionable foul near the end of the match. 4.5/10

Alexis Saelemaekers: It was good to see Alexis come back and not get carded but I didn't see much from him aside from tracking back well on defence. But Alexis is a upgrade over Samu. 6/10

Brahim Diaz: Brahim was ok in this match but didn't have much of an impact. we didn't really see him pull the strings of the offence and had to be taken out after the Zlatan second yellow. 5.5/10

Rafael Leao: Leao had some nice bright spots in the first half but once he was forced to defend more he struggled. His tackle on Barella was a questionable call as some angles it showed that Leao didn't even make contact and Barella was already falling down. Pioli should take a bit of blame for this because he should have stuck Rebic on the wing and had Leao go up top. 6/10

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: This was a wild game for Zlatan. He got a goal, got into a fight and got sent off. Zlatan was great but him being sent off really killed the team and his rating has to suffer for that. 5.5/10


Fikayo Tomori: Fikayo was thrown right into the fire but he was sensational. He was so aggressive making tackles and marking attackers. His pace was also on display as he was running back like his life depended on it. I also have to mention how good his 1v1 defending was. 6.5/10

Ante Rebic: Rebic is starting to worry me a little bit. A few games now where it seems like he lost all of his offensive skill. 5.5/10

Rade Krunic: I can't lie once Krunic got on I didn't even notice him. That could be a good thing because that means he didn't make any big mistakes. 5.9/10

Samu Castillejo: I think at this point I can copy and paste my section about Samu into every ratings article. “Samu came on and ran but didn't really bring anything to the team.” 5.5/10