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AC Milan Are Seriously Pushing To Sign Former Juventus and Bayern Munich Striker On A Bosman Deal

Milan are looking to strengthen their squad and another veteran January addition could be the right fit for them.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia”France v Croatia”

Sempre Milan are reporting that AC Milan are considering an approach for a striker in the winter transfer window to support Zlatan Ibrahimovic up front for the Rossoneri. The deal was brought up by intermediary Giovanni Branchini and has received traction from Milan's management. are reporting that Milan are evaluating the option to sign the Croatia international. The Rossoneri are considering the impact he would have on the dressing room and if he is physically up to the task.

Carlo Pellegatti via is reporting that the striker will be offered a six month deal worth 1.8 million euros. This is much less than the 5 million euros he currently earns.

Daniele Longo is reporting that Mandzukic has said ‘yes’ to the move but notes that the negotiation is still ongoing.

Alfredo Pedulla is reporting that Mandzukic has said no to four offers in the past couple of weeks including some longer term contracts thus the track for Milan could be red hot. He reportedly wants to join a club where he can make a big impact.