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AC Milan Unveil New Chief Communications Officer

He will be running comms on a number of huge projects notably the new stadium.

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AC Milan have announced via their website that Pier Donato Vercellone will be the new Chief Communications Officer of the club replacing Fabio Guadagnini as was announced last month here. The appointment confirms the report we published here stating the Vercellone was the top choice.

The new CCO took over yesterday bringing over 30 years worth of experience in the industry. He significantly has worked for Nike Europe, Telecom Italia, the Municipality of Milan and the Sisal Group.

The new CCO made a statement saying:

“AC Milan is an iconic and unique brand with a strong legacy and a bright future. I am delighted to be here and to contribute to further strengthen the emotional bond that ties AC Milan to its fans and stakeholders”.

“I want to thank Elliott’s management, CEO Gazidis and President Scaroni for giving me the honour of being part of an elite management team. This will be an exciting challenge that I’m very proud to undertake because Milan is Forever”.