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AC Milan and Paolo Maldini Fined By FIGC For Breaking Medical Protocols In July Fixture

12,000 down the toilet.

The match of the Heart 2020 Photo by Elena Di Vincenzo/Archivio Elena Di Vincenzo/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Sempre Milan are reporting that AC Milan's Technical Director and the club have been fined for a breach in COVID-19 rules during a fixture in July 2020. The fixture against Lazio where Milan prevailed 3-0 saw Paolo Maldini come into contact with the officials without wearing a mask after the game as per an FIGC statement. Maldini and the team manager Andrea Romeo reportedly both came in to contact with the officials after the game. Both Maldini and Romeo also entered the locker room despite a prohibition of this.

The result of the broken rules is that Maldini will be fined 9,000 euros which will be paid to the FIGC and Milan will have to pay 3,000 euros as well for objective responsibility. The report continues to add that it is not known why Maldini and Romeo came into contact with the officials nor why they returned to the official's room as there were not major controversial incidents in that fixture.