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Marco Giampaolo Reportedly Wants A Severance Package From AC Milan As Torino Move Looms

The manager has earned 2 million for coaching 7 games, he could take that up to 4 million if the move falls through.

Marco Giampaolo, head coach of AC Milan, smiles prior to the... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images are reporting that Marco Giampaolo will request a severance payment from AC Milan as he looks to break his contract with the club to undertake the Torino job. As we reported here, Giampaolo is very close to taking over the role from Moreno Longo after an underwhelming season for the club. The manager was signed on a 2 year contract worth 4 million euros gross per year, he was then sacked after just 7 games.

The report indicates that Giampaolo will look for a severance payout with Milan after he finds an agreement with Torino - which seems to be close. This will not be an easy process as Milan are unlikely to want to pay a huge sum. Giampaolo is still under contract with the club and could receive another 2 million euros net over the next year if he does not take the Torino job.