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AC Milan Technical Director Maldini Discusses Contract Renewals

Optimism reigns but no concrete movements yet.

Torino FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Massimiliano Ferraro/NurPhoto via Getty Images

AC Milan kicked off their pre-season today and live streamed the management’s press conference discussing the transfer window and the season ahead.

Technical Director Paolo Maldini spoke via Sempre Milan on renewals and Bakayoko:

What kind of market will it be for Milan this summer?

“Last year we laid the foundations for an idea of ​​Milan for the future. Nine players arrived between the summer and January,” he began.

“This year we will make some targeted signings. Maybe we won’t be able to make big signings like in the past, I don’t want to deceive the fans, but we are vigilant if any market opportunities arise.”

What can you tell us about Ibrahimovic’s renewal?

“We are all working hard to reach an agreement. We know it will be a short preparation, so we want to try to close in very tight deadlines.”

Do you have a plan B?

“It is normal that there should be a plan B, even C and D, but we have priorities and Ibrahimovic is our priority.”

How many reinforcements do Milan need?

“We have to act only in roles where we need to improve and with superior players, there may be a few tweaks but all we will do is to improve those roles where we think there are flaws.”

Are Bayern Munich a model club to follow?

“We know what our path is, but Bayern are something else at the moment. They are undoubtedly a model, their organisation is to be followed. We are still a long way off, but that is the path. Closing the gap is difficult. Financial Fair Play is fair, but at the same time it does not allow for investment to reduce the gap.”

Will Bakayoko return to Milan?

“It is an ongoing negotiation, we know the player and appreciate him. He is one of our objectives, the formulas are still to be studied 100%.”

What can you tell us about Gianluigi Donnarumma’s renewal?

“It’s a problem, we have reached the last year of the contract, but it is right first to resolve the issue of Ibra’s renewal first. Then we will think about Gigio’s.

“We are confident because he wants to stay, there is a bit of concern because we have reached the last year, but we are ready to make offers appropriate to his value.”

How far along is the renewal of Calhanoglu?

“We will meet with the agent in the first weeks of September to discuss the matter.”