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AC Milan Women vs Florentia: A Preview

With a victory over a scrappy Tuscan side, the Rossonere can start off the season on the right path as they try to meet all their objectives for the season.

Florentia v AC Milan - Women Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The AC Milan Women are looking to begin the next season of Serie A Femminile on the right foot.

Last season was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Milan didn’t get to achieve all of their objectives, chief among them being qualifying for the Champions League.

The team will be looking to right those wrongs this season, and their path to redemption begins with Florentia.

The name Florentia might make the Milan faithful wince a little, if only because it brings up bad memories of the last time we played them.

The affair was an absolutely bitter one that ended in defeat for the Rossonere as they fell to the Neroverde 2-1.

The game-winning goal was scored by Maegan Kelly, who has since departed for new pastures. Kelly won’t be coming back to Florentia anytime soon (especially since she won a trophy by doing nothing more than riding the Houston Dash’s bench as well. If only we were all so fortunate in life.)

Back then, Florentia were fortunate enough to a Milan who had been running on empty and were in desperate need of a winter break. This time around, they won’t be so lucky.

Milan underwent several changes over the summer and they have completely revamped their squad. This new squad is filled with more experienced players who have experience playing at the highest levels and will bring all of that know-how and experience with them to the pitch.

This will be the first time the team will be playing together in a competitive match.

Unlike other teams in Serie A Femminile, Milan hasn’t played a lot of friendlies in preparation for the upcoming season.

They did play one against the Ajax Vrouwen, a game which they won rather handily by a score of 5-0. That game, however, was mysteriously kept under wraps and no one outside of The Netherlands was able to watch the match*. As a result, we couldn’t get a true sense of how well Milan’s old stalwarts and new signings played together.

*(Though I want to emphasize that the game being kept a secret until it was over was not Milan’s fault. Not in the least bit.)

With this in mind, we won’t know just how well this team will play together until this Sunday. Milan will most likely field a 4-3-1-2 then and deploy their newest signings in the line-up, chief among them being Christy Grimshaw. Grimshaw will most likely be deployed as a trequartista. Milan was missing an attacking midfielder in their arsenal last season, and she may just be one of the solutions to this problem (that is, of course, assuming the team has abandoned the chase for a player from abroad).

Milan has also confirmed that they will broadcast the game on their app this Sunday. However, they might not broadcast other matches in the near future, as the FIGC is said to be limiting the amount of games teams can stream on social media. This is being done in an effort to get people to sign-up for subscription-based services to watch Serie A Femminile.

While the intent is noble and it’s all well and good for the people inside Italy, the rest of us outside the peninsula are left on a knife’s edge, wondering if we’ll be able to watch these matches in real-time again.

We won’t get the answers to our questions about streaming until a few days from now. And we won’t get the answers to how well this new Milan will play together until this Sunday.

Let’s just hope the response they give us is adequate and that the team will start off the season with a victory.

Match Info

Possible formation: (4-3-1-2) Korenčiová; Bergamaschi, Fusetti, Agard, Tucceri; Čonč, Rask, Jane; Grimshaw; Giacinti, Dowie

Kickoff time: 17:45 CET (8:45 am PST and 11:45 am EST)

Ways to watch the match: TIMvision, Sky (Italy only), the AC Milan app; Dailymotion page the next day