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Two Major Journalists Are Conflicting On The Size Of AC Milan's Summer Mercato

Will it be 2-4 or 5-7 additions?

US Sassuolo v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Gianluca di Marzio via is reporting that AC Milan fans should not expect a big mercato in contrast to earlier reports from other outlets. He believes the club will just make small tweaks. He said:

“Milan starts from a base that allowed Pioli’s team to score more points than everyone else after the lockdown. On the market, according to them, a lot wont be done, but they will do a little something.”

Vito Angele as we reported here claimed it would be a busy summer with 6-7 arrivals.

Matteo Calcagni of is reporting that Milan will be going for a 'sustainable’ approach to the summer transfer window as they look to avoid overspending. He notes that Milan will look to raise and save money through sales and trimming excessive wages. He notes that Milan will look to invest is a centre back, right back, midfielder and winger. He notes that the incoming money will be key to investment in the market.