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AC Milan Officially Announce The Signing Of Emil Roback From Hammarby

The youngster is an investment for the future as he joins from the club co-owned by Ibrahimovic.

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Hammarby have announced via their website that 17 year old striker Emil Roback has officially joined AC Milan on a permanent deal. Milan have also announced the deal in a muted manner on their website but have not specified whether he will join the first team or the Primavera side.

As we reported here, he will cost about 1.5 million euros plus bonuses that could rise to 2 million euros.

The Sporting Director of Hammarby said:

“We are very proud that we get such a big transition for a player from our academy operations. Several big clubs in Europe have wanted to get over Emil, and now at the end Hammarby has agreed with two clubs, so it is Emil who made the final choice. The negotiations with AC Milan have been a positive experience, and we have had a good dialogue throughout this process. Now we wish Emil great luck, and it will be interesting to follow such a great talent’s continued development in AC Milan.”