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Official: Refiloe Jane has renewed her contract with the AC Milan Women

Some more good news for the Rossonere.

AC Milan

As was reported earlier, there would be a few AC Milan players who would be signing renewals with the team, and Refiloe Jane would be one of them.

Well lo and behold, Fifi has officially signed a renewal with Milan.

This is good news for the team, as renewing her allows Milan to maintain a strong, core group of players that will allow them to achieve their objectives (chief among them being Champions League qualification).

Her First Season

Jane has proven to be a rather shrewd and astute signing.

Over the past season, the midfielder has played a total of 1157 minutes and has scored a total of two goals for Milan. She also has a pass accuracy rate of 79.1%, including completing 41.4% of her long passes.

Jane also puts in the work defensively, as she’s won 53.4% of her duels. She’s won 53.3% of her aerial battles, along with 63% of her defensive duels, as well as averaging 45.2% in loose ball recovery. The defensive midfielder has also made 84 vital inceptions during matches (Wyscout).

She also has flexibility, as she shuffles back and forth between being a defensive mid, or at the right or left center of the park. She functions best, however, as a defensive midfielder.

Her vision and her ability to pick out passes are exceptional, as it seems like she can see things no one else can see. No more is this evident than with her pass to teammate Linda Tucceri Cimini.

Just when you think the ball is going out of bounds, it finds the foot of Tucceri Cimini at just the right time. There is prescience in her passing and the way she trusts her teammates to receive the ball is a sight to behold.

All of this has made Jane one of the standout performers of last season. Refiloe’s renewal means that Milan will continue to reap the benefits of playing her in the midfield for one more year.

A Fan Favorite

When Jane was substituted out against Orobica at the 84th minute, she was given a resounding round of applause as she exited the pitch. The home crowd at Monza gave her a round of resounding applause, mainly because they had recognized what a great match she had played.

It’s a testament to her playing style and how she gives her all for the team on the pitch. The fans both recognize and appreciate it and it endears her to them. She’s also humble, genial, and affable. She is just a generally likable person.

With Fifi’s determination, heart, dedication, and skills, Milan might have what it takes to surmount a strong challenge in the league next season.

And who knows?

We may see her score more worlders like this.

The Milanisti are fortunate that she plays for us. We’ll get to enjoy her for a little while longer and for that, we should be grateful.