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Official: Banco BPM are the AC Milan Women’s first official shirt sponsor

The Rossonere are coming into prominence in their own right.

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AC Milan

Banco BPM have officially been unveiled as the Rossonere’s first official shirt sponsor.

The move is historic, as it means that the AC Milan Women are growing in prominence and have become popular enough to attract this type of sponsorship. It also signals a change in attitude towards women’s football in Italy, as it’s now seen as marketable.

The sponsorship will also boost the Rossonere’s coffers and allow them to spend more on the team.

From Milan’s official statement about the partnership:

“Italian bank Banco BPM and AC Milan are delighted to announce a historic partnership, committing the brand to AC Milan Women front of shirt sponsorship on a multi-year deal. The brand’s commitment to women’s football was evident in September 2019, when Banco BPM kick-started the women’s season at their Milan headquarters.

This front of shirt sponsorship demonstrates AC Milan’s commitment to inclusive positioning and growth of the women’s game, supporting club ownership’s modern strategic vision to have the women’s team stand as their own financially and commercially independent entity, with a clearly defined identity - values and objectives that align seamlessly with the inclusive nature of BPM. The success of the women’s team over the last couple of seasons (finishing third twice and very nearly qualifying for the Champions League) has been received with immense pride by AC Milan ownership and the club is committed to building upon on-and-off field successes.

This partnership renewal is a strong example of AC Milan’s redefined partnership strategy, providing increased sponsorship inventory, thus greater potential for commercial partners moving forward.”

The partnership between the two is a clear example of Milan’s commercial strategy, which is aimed at diversifying their sponsorships, raising their potential, and strengthening their connections with their commercial partners.

The announcement of this sponsorship is good news for the Rossonere, and it comes right before the next season is about to start.

AC Milan’s first game of the season will be against Florentia on August 23rd. And they’ll be suiting up with their snazzy new uniforms that have their new sponsors on them.