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Official: Julia Šimić Has Signed With The AC Milan Women

Julia, take your man home!

AC Milan

It’s been 84 years ...

Or at least, just a few weeks. After what seemed like a long wait, Julia Šimić has officially been unveiled as an AC Milan player.

Julia is the latest arrival to this newly revamped Milan side.

After watching one of my mutuals endure an endless array of questions about her arrival (Quando arriva Šimić? Per quanto Julia ha aggiornamenti? Hai notizie di Šimić?!), let’s just say that I’m glad this transfer saga is over. (Not to mention that I’m glad that my account is rather low profile, if only so I didn’t have to endure the same barrage of questions.)

A Little Background

Šimić is a former German international who comes to us from West Ham United, after two seasons with the east London side. She has played a total of 22 games for the Hammers and scored three goals. Her tenure there was, unfortunately, plagued by a knee injury that kept her sidelined for a year.

She seems to have recovered from her ordeal, however. Time will tell if the injury will become a persistent problem for her at Milan. Let’s just hope that it won’t become a recurring issue.

Prior to signing for the Irons, she played for several clubs in her native Germany. Šimić has played for four clubs in the Frauen-Bundesliga, as she has suited up for the likes of Bayern Munich, FFC Turbine Potsdam, Vfl Wolfsburg, and Freiburg. She has won trophies with the first three teams, including the Bundesliga in 2017 with Wolfsburg.

Šimić also has experience on the international level, as she played for Germany at the youth level. She even won the U19 Euros with Die Frauenmannschaft in 2007.

She brings with her a wealth of experience and a winning attitude that will make her a much welcome addition to our midfield.

Playing Style

Šimić is a versatile midfielder who can play as a part in the middle of the park as a pivot, or as a regista. She can play in or create space where she sends passes through to teammates that will allow them to attack an opponent’s goal. Šimić is a player whose vision and passing helps her teammates move into the key areas behind the defense, waiting for the ball as they collect it and then spring into attack.

As per Wyscout, her stats for her time at West Ham were as follows:

Šimić played a total of 1270 minutes and completed a total of 951 successful actions (61%) while with the Hammers. She has also scored a total of two goals and registered five assists with them. The midfielder also had an 80.5% pass accuracy rate, including completing 56.8% of her long passes.

She also registered 62 interceptions and won 43.2% of the duels she took on.

The midfielder also has great vision, as she can unlock defenses with thorough passes.

This is the type of creativity that will enhance Milan’s midfield, and Julia is just the player who will provide it.

Though we’re all eager to see her on the pitch, Šimić will not be inserted into Milan’s line-up from the start. Rather, since she’s still recovering from injury, she’ll be rehabilitated before being deployed on the pitch. The general estimate is that she’ll start playing for the team in September.

If she can keep healthy and avoid any long term injuries, then she would most certainly be a welcome addition to the team.

The Rossonere have made it clear that their main objective is to qualify for next season’s Champions League. With a player of Šimić’s caliber on the roster, they just might be able to do so.

Welcome to Milan, Julia. And please, enjoy your stay here.

Now everyone, sing along with me!

Julia, take your man home ♫

To say that he needs you / Would be unfair towards you too