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Head of AC Milan's Minority Shareholder Group Believes Elliot Will Be Passing Owners

The rumours of a sale look set to flare up again.

APA Milan AC Piccoli Azionisti Milan (Youtube)

The head of the minor shareholder group at AC Milan, Giuseppe La Scala has spoken to the media stating that he believes Elliot Management will not be around for very long. He seems to be adding fuel to the recurrent rumours of a takeover by Bernard Arnault that are constantly quashed then reappear.

La Scala spoke to Radio Sportiva via Calcio Mercato said:

“AC Milan has found security and a good style of play, but to think that this team will go to the Champions League next year in slippers would be absurd. To continue we must operate on the market, with important signings.”

“Elliott? Passing owners, these operations tend to organise a company advantageously in 2 to 3 years. This explains the attention to salaries and cost containment.”