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Rossoneri Round Up for Jul 14: Manchester City Follow AC Milan and PSG In Overturning FFP's Rulings Through CAS

Summary of Milan’s new for the day and links.


FT are reporting that Manchester City had their two year ban from the Champions League overturned by the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) dealing a huge blow to the Financial Fair Play (FFP). This decision shows the flaws of the system as now PSG, AC Milan and City have all had decisions overturned due to the complicated rule book but while the clubs with huge foreign investment will prevail following their cases, Milan had to drop out of Europe this season and struggle under the weight of the flawed system that hurts the club’s ability to invest in it's relaunch. Although the principles of FFP are sound, the implementation is horrid and inconsistent. Moreover, it does not seem to be applied fairly across the board. UEFA commented “Financial fair play has played a significant role in protecting clubs and helping them become financially sustainable.”

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