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AC Milan Player Ratings: Milan 2-2 Napoli

Milan look tired but squeak out a draw

SSC Napoli v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Milan have been flying high since the Serie A restart beating top teams in the league like Juventus and Lazio. This match against Napoli would prove to be challenging as they too have been in form since the restart. For me much of the first half was controlled by Napoli. They had numerous chances and the Milan attack really failed to generate multiple opportunities. Milan had one good attack that saw Ante Rebic cross it to Theo Hernandez who volleyed it into the back of the net. Napoli didn't back down after the Milan goal ad instead they upped the pressure on Milan creating more opportunities. Napoli then had a free kick and Lorenzo Insigne crossed it in finding Di Lorenzo who brought Napoli back and tied it up. 45 minutes down and it was 1-1.

Second half was much of the same for Milan as they stayed backing allowing Napoli to have chances. Milan really only had a few chances in the second half but nothing really concrete. At the 60 minute mark Milan displayed poor defending allowing Dries Mertens free inside the box. Mertens got the ball from the cross, shot it and it slipped through Gigo Donnarumma’s legs. Napoli up 2-1. By the way Milan looked it didn't seem likely that they could pull out a win let alone a draw. Then Stefano Pioli brought on Rafael Leao and Jack Bonaventura. Jacks was tackled inside the box and the referee awarded a penalty kick. Franck Kessie stepped up and Franck Kessie scored. Napoli continued to press on as they looked like the better side however, they were unable to score another goal. When the 90 minutes were up the teams were level at 2-2.

Now lets rate the players from AC Milan


Gigio Donnarumma: There hasn't been a bad game from Gigio in a while but today was his worst in recent memory. He fumbled the ball on a few occasions and when the ball was at his feet I was scared just about every time. 5.5/10

Andrea Conti: Conti has been playing at an above average level but like Gigio this was a match to forget. He constantly got torn up on the right side. 5.5/10

Simon Kjaer: Kjaer was fine but not as good as he has been in previous matches. We didn't see him play many long balls but he also didn't make any drastic mistakes. 6/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Like Kjaer, Alessio was average. Against both Juve and Napoli he hasn't looked like what were are used to. 6/10

Theo Hernandez: Finally Theo gets back on the scoresheet and what a nice goal it was. Defensively, yeah he needs work but going forward against Napoli he was fairly good. 7/10

Ismael Bennacer: Bennacer continues to be great in the double pivot no questions about it. 7/10

Franck Kessie: Again Kessie played a great match and he was rewarded by taking the penalty kick. He stepped up cool, calm and collected to score for Milan. 7/10

Lucas Paqueta: Paqueta playing on either the right or the left side is just no suited for him. Milan either need to play him in the middle or move on from the player. 5/10

Ante Rebic: For me Rebic was good on the left side today. His cross to Theo was fantastic and something I love to see from Rebic is his work rate at a high level. 7/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Today we saw the old Hakan. He was almost ghost in the first half not making much of an impact at all. Maybe we can chalk this up to being tired. 5.5/10

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: This was very rough for Zlatan as Napoli did a great job closing space around him and not giving him time to breathe. But let's not forget that he's in his late thirties and has been playing many games in a short number of days. 5.5/10


Alexis Saelemaekers: Saelemaekers plays his heart out every time he's on the pitch but today he made some young dumb mistakes. Having a yellow he continued to be overaggressive which then led to him being sent off. 5.5/10

Rafael Leao: I’m going to sound like a broken record but the skill and talent is there for Leao but he needs to work harder. Throughout the match we could hear Pioli shouting at him to pick up his work rate and press. 6/10

Jack Bonaventura: Every time Milan play Napoli, Jack Bonaventura does something that leads to a goal. Today he won a penalty that gave Milan the draw. 6/10

Rade Krunic: N/A