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Rossoneri Round Up for Jun 6: AC Milan's Chief Revenue Officer Discusses Importance Of New Stadium and Sponsorships

Summary of Milan’s new for the day and links.

AC Milan

AC Milan's Chief Revenue Officer Casper Stylsvig was interviewed by Sportcal on the importance of the new stadium project. The CRO discussed the importance on Milan expanding their commercial revenues through sponsorships and the stadium as a means to ensure they do not tussle with FFP again.

He explained “What a new stadium will bring to the table are areas for our partners, opportunities for implementing partners, hospitality areas, which today are probably not up to the standard they should be when you compare it to other stadiums. So that is a revenue source where we certainly can improve further.

He also noted “It is crucial because it is one of the things we can control and FFP has an impact on all football clubs so an area we can grow is certainly on the commercial impact, particularly around partnerships.”

“When we compare to other clubs, we are nowhere near where we should be and it’s clear for everyone to see when you look at the various charts where we are at the moment but if you look at the scope of the club and the size of the club, there is certainly room for growth.”

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