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Journalist Provides Update On Benfica Youngster To AC Milan; Discusses Midfielder's Profile

The 20 year old appears to be a major target for Milan's midfield as a potential long term partner for Bennacer.


Portuguese journalist Claudia Garcia via has given some updates on the situation between AC Milan and Florentino Luis. The Benfica midfielder has been pursued by Milan in the January transfer window and they continue to maintain their interest into the summer. She noted that the January move fell through because Benfica were not ready to lose the player because he is important in training. She also went on to note that Luis has not featured much since due to the change of formation for Benfica before comparing the youngster to Makelele.

She broke down some of Luis’ technical skills, “He has an average of 90% of successful passes, which is a very high average. In Italy there is Bentancur with a similar average. He has an average of 3.2 tackles every ninety minutes: comparing him with the young Serie A midfielders, he has a higher average. Bennacer has 2.6.”

“He has an average of 4.6 interceptions [per 90], another number higher than the boys of Serie A. It is true that he played less in this phase, but in all these things he is really strong. Then in the construction phase he is not very active, he is improving but he is a more defensive and positional player as his statistics tell us.”

Another report from Louis Girardi indicates that Luis’ agent Bruno Carvlho is trying to get Benfica to lower their demands for the 20 year old defensive midfielder. The reporter went on to note that the Portuguese outfit are interested in Lucas Paqueta but that the negotiations are separate.