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AC Milan Close To Agreement With Council Over Volume Issue; New Stadium Edging Closer

The two clubs are reportedly on the verge of overcoming another hurdle, how many to go before the final confirmation?


Anto Vitiello of is reporting that AC Milan, Inter Milan and the City Council of Milan met again yesterday to discuss the Nuovo Stadio Milano. The discussion was regarding the size of the commercial project surrounding the stadium. The Council are pushing for less while the clubs are looking at more of the volume usage. Vitiello notes that there is optimism to move closer to an agreement on this issues. An agreement could be ratified in the coming days. He refers to this as the last major obstacle but as we know from past experience, it probably is not. The bureaucracy is Italy especially in the Councils can be hard to navigate and we should not get excited until we get final confirmations.

Planeta Milan quoted the Council's press release stating,

“Finally, the updated feasibility study will provide for a significant reduction in the accessory volumes both with respect to the initial proposal and with respect to the refurbishment of the Meazza stadium envisaged in April 2020.

The cost of refurbishing the Meazza, equal to approximately 74 million euros according to the teams’ estimate, would lead to a maximum building index of 0.51 m2 / m2, equivalent to 145 thousand m2 of SL. It is obviously understood that the granting of any volumes in excess of the index currently foreseen by the Plan of the Government of the Territory (PGT) and equal to 0.35 m2 / m2 and the approval of further urban and building contents remains subject to the decisions of the competent institutional bodies, as required by the ongoing procedure. In any case, the re-functionalisation proposal must be included in the economic and financial plan also with respect to the objective of achieving the balance of the intervention.”