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AC Milan Will Reportedly Announce Ralf Rangnick In Mid-August; Two Collaborators Missed

The prospective manager will miss out on two of his top choices for management.

RB Leipzig - FC Zurich Photo by Ronny Hartmann/picture alliance via Getty Images

Pietro Mazzara of is reporting that Ralf Rangnick will certainly join AC Milan in the summer but notes that the official announcement will only come in mid-August after the current season is completed. Milan have a long way to go with 11 games to go and a dogfight for the Europa League spots.

The report notes that two names that were closely linked to Rangnick in Paul Mitchell and Lars Kornetka have made commitments to join Monaco and PSV Eindhoven respectively. The German will want to bring some collaborators with them to work on his U23 project at the club. He is also keen on having Italian staff who will help him integrate with calcio.