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UEFA Announce FFP Postponement; AC Milan Have Extra Year To Balance Their Books

The club will not have to present anything to UEFA this summer if they qualify for Europe; they will have a year to get out of the red.


According to Sempre Milan, UEFA announced today that Financial Fair Play has essentially been postponed for a year due to the financial effects of the coronavirus on clubs across Europe. The key points from the announcement state that:

  • There will be no assessment of FFP for 2020/21.
  • The monitoring period has been extended to four years in stead of three.
  • All clubs in UEFA competitions have to submit all money in and out by the 31st of July to limit debts carrying over.
  • UEFA has set the 6th of October as the final date for transfer windows across it’s member nations.

Gianluca di Marzio via is reporting that the decision will assist AC Milan as the club will not have to sell players to fund the summer mercato. Elliot will provide a budget to be used by the prospective Ralf Rangnick and the club will not have FFP pressing on them for the summer. In conclusion, Milan have an extra year to settle their accounts.