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AC Milan Consider Seven Players Unsellable After Rangnick Weighs In

Three in defence, two in the midfield and two in attack.

Players of AC Milan (L-R: Ante Rebic, Hakan Calhanoglu,... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

SportMediaset are reporting that some information is beginning to filter out of AC Milan about Ralf Rangnick's plans for the future. The report indicates that there are a number of players that will be considered unsellable this summer. These players will be considered core parts of the Germna's plans when he takes over in the summer.

The players are Gianluigi Donnarumma, Theo Hernandez and Alessio Romagnoli in the defence. Ismael Bennacer and Franck Kessie in the midfield. Hakan Calhanoglu and Ante Rebic in the attack. These seven players have reportedly been taken off the market by Elliot as the club's owners have agreed to keep them. Each of the players is quite young as Rebic and Hakan are 26, Romagnoli is 25, Bennacer and Theo are 22, Kessie is 23 and Donnarumma is 21.