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AC Milan Take Strong Stance Against Racism Ahead Of Coppa Italia Fixture

The Rossoneri stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


AC Milan took a strong stance against racism by standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement ahead of their Coppa Italia fixture with Juventus in Turin. The Rossoneri wore pre-match shirts with ‘Black Lives Matter’ printed across the front. The club said on it’s social media, ‘Silence is not an option: say no to racism.’

Juventus also wore similar similar shirts that had the words ‘No Racism’ printed across the back. It was good to see Milan taking a stand as they always have on this issue. Milan players Kessie, Bakayoko faced quite of lot of racism last season in the league while others such as Balotelli, Muntari and Boateng have faced similar issues in the recent years. Racism is a global issue that needs to be dealt with and Milan have been at the forefront of calling it out especially in Italy.

Always proud to be a Milanisti and always standing firm against racism!