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Milan Player Ratings Coppa Italia: Milan 0-0 Juve

Milan’s first game back has controversy and disappointment

Juventus v AC Milan - Coppa Italia: Semi-Final Second Leg Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Finally the day came where we got to watch Milan again. Their journey starts off with an uphill climb as they faced Juventus in the Coppa Italia semi final. Coach Stefano Pioli gave the start to Lucas Paqueta as it was rumoured he performed great in training prior to the match. This match against Juventus was Milan’s chance to shock the football world. Milan didn't get off to the best start as Juventus was all over them and creating countless chances. Then came some of the worst referring anyone has ever seen. First Juventus were gifted a penalty with an extremely questionable handball call. Ronaldo stepped up and hit the post, I guess the ball doesn't lie. As Milan cleared the ball Rebic raised his foot to control it and kicked a Juve player in the chest. At first the referee gave Rebic a yellow but quickly changed his mind when the Juventus players kept complaining. Milan were now down to 10 men with the majority of the game left to play. Though they were down to 10 men, Milan continued to fight and held off Juventus at the half. After 45 minutes they were all tied up.

In the next 45 minutes Milan faced a very tough task and they had to score. Milan fought hard and clawed their way to create some scoring chances. In my opinion Milan competed with Juventus and showed heart in the second half. However, like usual Milan failed to capitalize off of the few chances they had. As the minutes dwindled down Milan went forward to try and score but their last chance fluttered. After a controversial 90 minutes the match ended in a draw and Juventus went on to the Coppa Italia final.

Now we will look at the player ratings for AC Milan!


Gigio Donnarumma: Gigo as per usual was great. At Milan’s most desperate moments he saves them, like with his finger tip save on Ronaldo. 6.5/10

Andrea Conti: It is clear that Milan need a new right back. Conti was just not great, he had a few runs going forward but he doesn't bring anything to the squad. 4.5/10

Simon Kjaer: Solid match for Kjaer as he and Romagnoli foiled any Juventus attack. At times he proves to be a solid piece on defence. 6.5/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Another spectacular performance from our captain. Time and time again he proves to be an upper echelon defender. 6.5/10

Davide Calabria: Calabria at left back was just brutal. When pressed he gave the ball away easily and defensively he was shaky at best. 4.5/10

Ismael Bennacer: Bennacer is the engine of this team because of his distribution. Against Juve he handled pressure well and I believe there was only one time where he gave the ball away. 6/10

Franck Kessie: Offensively and defensively Kessie was everywhere Milan needed him. Milan went down to 10 men and Kessie carried most of the load continuously running up and down the pitch giving Milan everything he had. 6.5/10

Lucas Paqueta: Based on the circumstances I can't blame Paqueta much in this match. At times he attempted to get creative with the ball but nothing panned out with Juventus pressing him. 6/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Like I said with Paqueta I can't be too hard on Hakan based on the circumstances of being down 10 men. With that Hakan attempted to create chances but nothing materialized and he had his fair share of bad touches with the ball. 6/10

Jack Bonaventura: Once Rebic was sent off, Jack was the figurative striker for the team. That role just doesn't suit him especially with his declining pace. 5.5/10

Ante Rebic: Rebic touched the ball on time in the match and that one time he kicked a player in the chest and subsequently got sent off. 0/10


Rafael Leao: Leao came on and was much like Jack and Rebic before him, he wasn't that effective. At times he tried making attacking runs but the Juventus defenders shut him down. 5.5/10

Rade Krunic: The only time I saw Krunic was when he came on. Other than that he was a complete ghost. 5/10

Lorenzo Colombo: I think too everyones shock, coach Pioli brought on academy player Lorenzo Colombo. He didn't do much in his time so we didn't see what the young player could do.

Diego Laxalt: N/A

Alexis Saelemaekers: N/A