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AC Milan’s Berglind Björg Thorvaldsdóttir Will Leave Milan and Return Back to Iceland

The player’s contract is up, and she’ll return back home to play in the Icelandic championship.

AC Milan

AC Milan forward, Berglind Björg Thorvaldsdóttir, will return back home to Iceland in a few days.

The confirmation came courtesy of Thorsteinn Halldórsson during an interview with the Icelandic football site, Fotbolti.

Halldórsson is Thor’s coach at Breiðabliki, which is her team in Iceland. He confirmed that she will return to the country to play with the team in the Icelandic championship (the Úrvalsdeild kvenna).

The move is not surprising, considering that Björg had previously stated that she will return back home once the season has ended.

However, Serie A Femminile’s season has not, in fact, ended. The league is currently suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. A meeting will be held on May 25th to determine whether the league will go forward.

Teams will not start practicing again until June. If the season does resume, then it means that AC Milan will have to restart the season without one of their most prolific forwards.

Berglind has scored five goals in five games for Milan, which is an impressive conversion rate. AC Milan is also competing with Fiorentina for the Champions League, and they face the daunting task of having to endure that challenge without her.

Though she’s only been in Milan for less than four months, Thorvaldsdóttir has become a fan favorite with the Rossoneri faithful.

We will most certainly miss her and her wonderful goals, along with the immeasurable amount of joy she has brought to our lives.

People have asked if she’d consider coming back to Milan and playing for the team again. After spending time with Stine Hovland and the rest of the Rossonere, we certainly hope that she’ll consider it.

Þakka þér fyrir allt, Thor.