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Ralf Rangnick Discusses AC Milan Rumours And Talks Expectations For Next Job

The Red Bull man finally discusses his expectations for the coming year and his style.

Rangnick starts bicycle project for children Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

Ralf Rangnick spoke to Mitteldeutsche Zeitung via on his expectations from his next experience. He is looking for a project that gives him full control of the team similar to the rumours around his potential manager plus technical director role at AC Milan .

“There has been an interest with Milan, but with Coronavirus there have been other things to consider, besides thinking if Ralf Rangnick was the right man for them or vice versa,” he said.

“It always depends on the club, but I’m not interested in the financial aspects. For me it’s about having a certain influence, which has nothing to do with power, even if in certain situations you need it to carry out certain things.

“I remember the first days in Leipzig: there were no physiotherapists, the doctors gone, no coaches. And the season should have started in two weeks. Quick decisions are needed, first I hired Alex Zorniger, then I went to Leipzig and hired two new physiotherapists and two new doctors. In five hours. Alexander Sekora recommended the others to me.

“If I had to think theoretically about going somewhere else, I should be able to do things this way.”