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AC Milan Will Reportedly Announce A new Partnership Next Week As Gazidis Brings In Increased Sponsorship Revenue

The CEO has been busy over the past couple of months signing on multiple partners, another one is expected next week.

FBL-ITALY-CHINA-AC MILAN Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

Pietro Balzano Prota via Radio Rossonera is reporting that AC Milan will announce a new partnership next week in an ‘unconventional way.’ Milan’s CEO Gazidis seems to be hard at work as a number of sponsors/partners have been added to the club’s roster notably Skrill as we reported here and ROInvesting as we reported here. Milan has also partnered with the likes of Headspace, Masterclass and RocNation to provide coronavirus relief and support to fans globally.

The report notes that there are multiple agreements being closed and this is a core focus of Elliot Management for the moment. Gazidis and Elliot are looking to expand the brand of the club and refresh the image of the club. It remains to be seen who the new partners will be.