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AC Milan Defender Francesca Vitale’s Message To The Italian Government: ‘Don’t forget about us’

During an interview with SportMediaset, AC Milan defender, Francesca Vitale, had some pretty interesting things to say.

Among the highlights of her interview:

On Women’s Football

“We have already taken steps forward, and we are getting closer to professionalism. For two years, Milan has been paying pensions for their players. We hope that the transition to professionalism [for Serie A Femminile] will come soon.”

To Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora

“Minister Spadafora, don’t forget about us. Please give important consideration to our movement, as we are here too. Our movement* is just as important as men's football, and we would like to demonstrate this more, and we need the right conditions to do something great. One day, I’d like to play in a full stadium, just like my male colleagues do.

I envy men’s football and how they play in full stadiums, as it is my dream [to do the same].”

On training while in quarantine

“We alternate between aerobic workouts and strength exercises. Because we are training in a different way and not moving around as much, it is also important that we take care of our nutrition [and to watch what we eat].”

On who is the nicest teammate

“[It’s] Linda Tucceri [Cimini]. She always has a punchline ready. We always tease each other, and it makes me laugh a lot.”

On what she looks forward to after the quarantine ends

“I can’t wait to walk the streets of Milan and see so many people around again”.

*(Serie A Femminile is, unfortunately, usually left out of the discussions about the coronavirus crisis and football in Italy. Francesca’s words serve as a reminder that the women still have much to play for as well. Their value also cannot be measured solely in terms of monetary gain. The whole women’s football movement risks coming to a halt unless the league is allowed to resume play. They will need the league to begin again, in order to gain the visibility they need to help the women’s movement grow.)

Might I also remind you that Francesca is really awesome and that she once did this?

We all look forward to the day when we can get that damn Rona under control and see Francesca and the rest of the AC Milan Women play again.

In the meanwhile, let’s flatten that curve and just keep on keeping on until then.