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AC Milan captain Valentina Giacinti confirms that the team will resume individual training this week

Confirmation from Captain Giacinti that AC Milan will start individual training today.

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AC Milan

AC Milan captain, Valentina Giacinti, confirmed that the team will resume individual training this week.

The affirmation comes one week after coach Maurizio Ganz confirmed that the team will undergo testing for COVID-19 before resuming training.

Milan will be the second team to resume training in Serie A Femminile, after Juventus.

They will first engage in individual training, before a possible resumption of group training in June. Their training regimen, as outlined by AC Milan, is as follows:

‘The first phase of their work will be carried out in compliance with all the safety regulations to combat Covid-19 and will see individual training sessions take place with athletic, running and strength exercises.’

‘The girls will head to the pitch wearing their training attire without using the changing rooms and showers located at the Sports Centre, which has been sanitised regardless.’

The Rossonere are preparing for a possible resumption of the league.

Serie A Femminile was initially set to be canceled for the season. However, after some successful lobbying, the league was brought back from the precipice.

The Italian government is now working on helping the league finish the season.

The Rossonere will know whether the league will resume play during the FIGC’s next Consiglio Federale. The federation’s next meeting will take place on either June 4th, or 5th.

More details about the resumption of Serie A Femminile and the obstacles to restarting the league will be posted in a follow-up piece to this one.