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Scenario A: What If Milan Have a 100 Million Transfer Budget for Summer 2020?

Bringing Back Gallianis Approach

Juventus U23 v Monza - Serie C Photo by Filippo Alfero - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

This week I wanted to look at what AC Milan could do with 100 million euros going into next season focusing on bringing in the very best available to launch the club back in Champions League spots. Regardless of age.

First, let’s take a look at the Milan squad, loans, and players available moving forward;

GK Position

G. Donnaruma, A. Donnaruma, Soncin, Begovic and Plizzari


Calabria, Conti, Romagnoli, Theo Hernandez, Mussacchio, Kjaer, Duarte, Gabbia and Laxalt


Biglia, Bennacer, Bonaventura, Calhanoglu, Krunic, Paqueta, Saelemaekers and Kessie


Castillejo, Leao, Rebic, Ibrahimovic

Overall I would say that the above players are the strongest we have available, including youth and loaned players. Anyone not on the list has been left out due to this.

Initial Decisions To Be Made

First, we have some issues with redeeming players, including Rebic, Saelemaekers, and the contract situation with our young prodigy Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Solution 1

Buy Rebic;

Rebic has shown over the past few months of matches that he can be a strong player in Serie A. In 15 appearances, he has 6 goals coming from mainly wide positions. He is strong, fast and at 26 years old, will be playing for many more seasons at his best levels. With financial troubles and many clubs hurting from the virus situation, 30 million may be the price needed to prize him away from Eintracht Frankfurt.

Cost 30 million (Paid at the end of the loan agreement (2 year loan) End of next season)

Send Saelemaekers Back

The 20-year-old utility player who can play across the right flank has so far made 2 appearances for Milan. In Belgian, he made a total of 40 appearances in 3 seasons and managed to get 2 goals. I am not a huge fan of Conti or Calabria, but considering both are also young, I do not see any upgrade that Alexis Saelemaekers brings to the club.

Begovic (Send back if….)

The 32-year-old Shot Stopper has made 2 appearances for Milan since joining on loan. He is an experienced player and depending on other factors in the club, including Reina and A.Donnaruma, he may be a solid option to rely on as backup. Ideally, we would not need to keep him and send him back to Bournemouth.

The Transfer Market and realism of Milan Making the Signing

100 Million Budget (Buying Experience)

Players in;

Thiago Silva (Free)

A defender who needs no introduction to any Milan fan, Thiago Silva is 35 years old and potentially available. This season he has played in 30 games and been very good for PSG who may be looking towards younger more expensive players. Even on a 2-year deal, I believe that his experience and still fit body would be very useful to our squad and Romagnoli. With his contract expiring on the 30/6/2020 we would need to make a move fast to get him.

Large contract on a Bosman

Transfer Probability (7)

Silva knows what it means to play for Milan, has enjoyed playing here before, and should have some interest in coming back.


The 31-year-old Chelsea right-wingers contract is ending on the 30/6/2020 and would be another great 2-year addition to our squad potentially available for a small sum or a larger contract. his season hs has played 28 games and scored 5 goals with 5 assists. His current transfer value is reported to be 22 Million but with his contract ending soon, it is possible that could be lowered.

Price: 15 Million / Large contract on a Bosman

Transfer Probability (4)

We have not been linked to Willian so far, however, if we are playing by Galliani’s rules, then we wouldn’t know it’s complete until the gold tie and announcement takes us all by surprise. A Brazilian on a free is a classic Milan move. Would Willian be interested, the jury is out.

Dries Mertens

The 33-year-old Belgium Forward is another with a soon to expire deal at Napoli. This season he has played 21 games and scored 6 goals providing 5 assists. Capable of playing across the attack, the smooth skills of Mertens would be another great addition to the Milan squad. Reportedly he has shown interest in Milan, Chelsea, and other clubs. His reported price is 20 million.

Buy: 20 million / Large contract on a Bosman

Transfer Probability (6)

There have been some rumors swirling about this transfer, with Chelsea also linked. Mertens may want to stay in Italy, and this would give Milan the chance to pounce, offering a simple move within Italy, and keeping him in Serie A, where he has shone for many years. Would Milan be a good option for him? I think yes, as he will be asked to play and lead, rather than giving a part-time role to finish out his last few seasons.

Edison Cavani (If Ibrahimovic leaves)

Another 33 years old forward Cavani is powerful and well versed in Serie A. His contract ends on the 30/6/2020 and may be seeking new ventures as his time on the pitch in France has seen less and less. This season he has played 14 games, scoring 4 goals and providing 2 assists. Mainly the frontman in the attack, his power and ability to score would be a fantastic deal for Milan. Valued at 20 million he is another who could be purchased for cheap on a larger contract who PSG may also be happy to release.

Buy: Large contract on a Bosman

Transfer Probability (3)

Cavani may be available for free, and very willing to come back to Serie A however with Inter and Napoli also likely interested, it may be a difficult deal to materialize. Can they offer him a starting role and the money to come? Inter likely can, Napoli likely cant. So there is some chance, even if small.

Jerome Boateng (Instead of Silva )

The strong towering CB has experienced a lack of time and games for Bayern falling behind new players growing into their Bayern careers. This season he has played 16 games and picked up 1 red card. With a current value of 12 million, and an expressing contract in 2021, the 31 years old CB could have a new life in Serie A.

Buy: 12-25 million

Transfer Probability (8)

If Milan truly showed signs of interest and wanted to make him the starting CB with our captain, then I think this deal has great promise of happening. Boateng is a strong and capable player who can pass from the back and bring experience to a very young backline. If possible, I think Milan should go all out for him.

Sandro Tonali

The new Pirlo, Gattuso and every other star in Serie A, Tonali could be the real thing. He is still very raw and needs to learn more about keeping the ball, but his talent is undeniable. This season he has played 23 games and gotten 5 assists and 1 goal. as well as 6 yellow cards. He is not afraid to work hard and get involved in the dirtier side of the game which only adds to his potential. Valued at 31 Million, he will be hard to buy from Brescia, but, if reports are true and he is a Milan fan, maybe it is our way in.

Buy: 40 million

Transfer Probability (7)

High is the keyword, for the transfer fee, competition, and what we would need to offer to get him to confirm the next 5 years of his growth into a possible sensation. With rumors that he is a Milan fan, and it likely that staying in Italy is best for his growth and young age, there is definitely a better chance he agrees than doesn’t.

Milan Potential Team 2021


Calabria Boateng Romagnoli Theo

Bennacer Tonali Kessie

Mertens Ibra Rebic

Total spend: 93 Million * Including Rebic

With multiple large players contracts coming to an end, It may be the best time to bring back the experience that Milan has always had with champions and a mix of youth.

We would need to spend heavily on wages, however with real talent and experience in the starting 11, I believe that the above team could challenge for the CL, and possibly title if performances were very strong. It does mean that within 2 seasons, our attack will be again in huge need of change, however attaining Champions League Qualification and challenging should be able to offset the budget if the bench and squad is kept trim and tight. There is also the huge question mark surrounding Leao and Silva, who could yet become superstars if given time to grow in a winning team.

This is the second What If discussion, and I hope to read many ideas on who we should sign to bring us back from the 6th place Milan of today.

As always, Forza Milan!

What do you think? Cavani? Mertens? Silva?