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AC Milan Have Second Largest Technical Sponsor Deal In Serie A With Puma

The club falls way behind Juventus but they are surprising doing better than Inter and Roma.


Gazzetta dello Sport via MilanEye are reporting that AC Milan have the second largest technical sponsorship in in Italy behind Juventus (Adidas) beating out Inter Milan (Nike). The report notes that Milan have a 5 year deal worth 15 million euros per year for a grand total of 75 million between 2018-23. Juventus have a deal worth 51 million euros per year eclipsing Milan about 3.5 times. Inter meanwhile receive 10 million euros per year from Nike. There is no doubt that these deals likes have bonuses for achievement where Inter and others such as AS Roma and Napoli could pull ahead of Milan.

A report from late last year from KPMG Football Benchmark that we reported here stated that Milan had a 12 million euro deal with Puma - the fourth largest of the technical sponsor - behind Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund and Marseille (all clubs regularly in the Champions League). Undoubtedly, there is room for improvement by Milan's management to increase these figures given the previous deal Milan had with Adidas was worth around 20 million euros per year according to AFP. The global fanbase of the club surely still carries weight and better results will be the key to seeing these deals grow.