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Ralf Rangnick Speaks To The Press Regarding AC Milan Move Again; He Says He Needs To Be Convinced

This is second time in the span of five days that Rangnick has addressed the links to Milan.

Rangnick starts bicycle project for children Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

Ralf Rangnick has spoken to the press once again via Milan Eye regarding a potential move to AC Milan after his big interview from last week that we reported on here. The Red Bull Head of Sport and Development has been strongly linked to the club for months now and is reportedly gunning for a broad role encompassing the manager and technical director positions into one. In the interview he said, “I already said there was contact between the parties [to join Milan] some time ago, with the coronavirus crisis there are things more important currently. For me to be convinced to accept such a challenge many components have to be combined.

It seems as though a number of journalists may be right about the state of negotiations as Rangnick sends a message saying that some clarifications are needed to convince him. This could be a message to Milan's management to accept his conditions for him to accept. This came on the same day that Milan's current Technical Director Paolo Maldini hit out at the German calling for him to review his respectfulness as we reported here. The constant presence of these discussions in interviews now could be an indication that there parties are at the bargaining table.