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Inside AC Milan's Partner Initiatives To Support The Fight Against The Coronavirus

Milan's partners have come out in full force to support Italy and it's people, here's some of their work:

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AC Milan

AC Milan have announced via their website some of the incredible work being carried out by their partners in the fight against the coronavirus. Have a read below of some of the incredible support being displayed by the partners.


Banco Bpm allows for up to three billion to be allocated to the economy affected by the coronavirus emergency. ”Our role as a reference bank for the economy in the territories requires us, in this difficult and uncertain moment, to make available in the shortest possible time additional resources necessary to support the social and manufacturer structure of our country”, said Giuseppe Castagna, CEO of Banco BPM.


Skrill is immediately dropping all fees and FX charges for anyone sending money to the country. ”I am utterly heartbroken to see this unfold in my home country”. A message from Skrill’s CEO Lorenzo Pellegrino who is in Milan during Italy’s lockdown period.


The doctors recruited by the Civil Protection, through the announcement of March 20th, travel for free on Trenitalia national trains. There are 300 doctors from the task force, who will work to support regional health structures involved in the COVID-19 emergency.


La Molisana has purchased three lung ventilators for the Cardarelli hospital in Campobasso. The new tools intended for the operating block of Intensive Care. ”We are close to the community in this moment of great concern” said an exponent of Ferro family.


Birra Peroni helps the distributors of the Ho.Re.Ca channel, puts 20 million euros in place to support the distributors of the Ho.Re.Ca supply chain. affected by the coronavirus emergency and most penalized by the closure of bars, restaurants, pubs and pizzerias.


A2A group has decided to allocate two million to help the territories in the coronavirus emergency. In particular, 800 thousand euros were allocated to the fund established by the Municipality of Brescia, another 800 thousand to the fund of the Municipality of Milan and 400 thousand to Cesvi di Bergamo. ”A small sign in favor of our territory” said the president of the A2A group, Giovanni Valotti.


Covid-19, united against the emergency: the Limonta S.p.A Group, our historical partner, has donated over 6,000ms of PVC for sport structure to cover the flooring of the field hospital being set up in Bergamo.


Technogym donates 1 million euros for the urgent purchase of workstations and machinery for the intensive care units that the hospitals of Romagna need. ”In an emergency like this, it is more than ever necessary to support our health system and the incredible work that our doctors, nurses and health workers are doing to stem the impact of Covid-19”, commented Nerio Alessandri President of Technogym.