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AC Milan and Inter Milan Getting Closer To Agreement With City Council Over New Stadium

The project seems to be progressing despite the global shutdown due to the coronavirus.

Nuovo Stadio Milano

Gazzetta dello Sport via Calcio Mercato are reporting AC Milan and Inter Milan are getting closer to an agreement with the city council of Milan for the Nuovo Stadio Milano. The report notes that the two parties are closer on agreeing the size of the district and the area surrounding the stadium. The two clubs have demonstrated that their investors are still eyeing the 1.2 billion injection into the project which is a huge bonus.

Some additional details around the project are as follows: There is a general concensus on the approval at the city council. a part of the San Siro will be protected and cement from the old stadium will be reused in the new development. May will be a decisive month and the clubs are expecting the final green light.