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The AC Milan Offside Will Participate In Milan Club Montreal's FIFA 20 Competition

Robbie DeLorenzo will vie for global FIFA20 title of AC Milan Clubs and Media!

Milan Club Montreal

The Milan Club of Montreal are hosting a FIFA 20 Tournament for AC Milan Fan Clubs and Outlets across the world. The AC Milan Offside will be represented by our very own Robbie DeLorenzo in the competition.

Their organisers statement reads:

”The last time AC Milan fans had the chance to watch their beloved AC Milan players in action was March 8, 2020. More than a month has gone by without football. Many of us are stuck at home during the pandemic, therefore the idea that gave birth to this project is to unite the Rossoneri fans internationally in a nice and fun way. Our hope is to be able to bring some happiness and try to fill the void left by Milan with some virtual match.

The Milan Club Montreal is organising an online FIFA 20 tournament on PS4. There will be 32 participants and most of them are members of various Milan clubs around the world.

All games will be streamed on Twitch, the premier platform for gamers’ livestreams. You can easily watch all the challenges even without having an account. In case you have an account, we invite you to comment on the matches: when two Milan Clubs face each other, we expect a hot chat, full of jokes and funny jokes.

The 32 participants will face off in a double challenge (round trip), whoever scores the most goals. In the event of a tie there will be a third game in which the golden goal rule will apply: the first to score will end the match. There is no rule for away goals. Each time will last 6 minutes, the matches will all be Milan vs Milan: the uniforms chosen will be the first and second. The roses will be the default ones for online play, but each participant will be able to choose their own tactics. The draw will take place live on Monday 20 April, immediately after the “Milan Weekly Podcast”.


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