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AC Milan Could Save €4 Million If Marco Giampaolo Joins Fenerbahce

The former coach is still on the wage bill until the summer of 2021.

Marco Giampaolo, head coach of AC Milan, reacts during the... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Tuttosport via are reporting that AC Milan could save about 4 million euros gross if manager Marco Giampaolo joined Fenerbahce in Turkey soon. Milan fired the manager after just 7 games at the start of the season due to the horrendous performances on the pitch. The club would be able to write off his contract if he gets the new position.

The manager remains on the wage bill of Milan as he had signed a 2 year contract with them. In his seven games in charge, Milan won 3 and lost 4 against Udinese, Inter Milan, Torino and Fiorentina scoring just 6 goals.