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AC Milan Sign Sponsorship Deal With Cyprus Based Trading Platform ROInvesting

Milan have secured a new partnership to add to their list of 20 others.


Sport Business are reporting that AC Milan have secured a sponsorship from a Cyprus based trading platform called ROInvesting. The brand is keen to use Milan's large platform to advertise its services to a global audience. The details on the sponsorship have not surfaced but this looks to be one of the partnerships Ivan Gazidis was working on and was expected to announce last month as we reported on here. AC Milan have also added the firm to their website and a slotted into the third tier alongside other sponsors such as Boglioli, Peroni, Piquadro and PES2020.

The firm are already advertising the club on their website.

The company is designated as the AC Milan's Official CFD Partner. CFD refers to Contracts for Difference which the firm provides to it's clientele based on the assets listed within the website platform. On their website they state,

ROInvesting was born from a simple idea: harness all the benefits of technology to create the most favorable experience for traders of all levels. We employ the latest innovations not only for our trading platform but also for our service, education center, analysis tools, market alerts, and many other products. If you’re an ambitious person looking for a platform that collects all the benefits under one roof, it’s definitely ROInvesting!