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Milan Player Ratings: Genoa 2-1 Milan

Poor finishing and lapses of concentration make Milan fall short at the San Siro

AC Milan v Genoa CFC - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Finally we get some AC Milan football. After the league decided to suspend a few games, Milan and Genoa finally got to square off. This match had a weird feeling as there was nobody in the crowd and it was dead silent, the only thing you could hear were the coaches and players. For the first five minutes Milan looked good as they moved the ball forward creating attacking opportunities. However, Genoa needed just one chance 6 minutes in to give them the lead. Milan actually responded well after the Genoa goal and they seemed to have the match in control for most of the first half. Sadly, the only thing lacking was finishing ability as both Calhanoglu and Ibrahimovic had chances but could not capitalize. Genoa would strike again in a similar scenario to their first goal and now at half they were up 2 goals to 0.

Much of the second half was very similar to the first as Milan continued to dominate possession but not score. Milan continued to create chances but never had the finishing touch. Finally Milan scored from a corner that found Zlatan in the right place and he made no mistake by putting it in the back of the net. Could Milan equalize with 15 minutes remaining? Not surprisingly that answer was no. The match finished 2-1 for Genoa. Overall Milan didn't play that bad, it was only a few lapses in concentration and poor fishing that would make them fall short.

Now we will look at the player ratings for AC Milan


Asmir Begovic: There wasn't a lot to do for Begovic as Genoa capitalized on both of there opportunities and there was really nothing he could do to stop either of them. 6/10

Andrea Conti: Conti was back to playing mediocre. He looked shaky as he was trying to man mark and that right side of the defence didn't look as great as it did from the past few matches. 5.5/10

Matteo Gabbia: Like Conti, Gabbia didn't have the best match. On Genoa’s first goal he let Pnadev in between him and Conti which ultimately allowed him to get free and score. 5.5/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Like usual Romagnoli was solid, no real complaints here. 6/10

Theo Hernandez: Theo started the match off great as he went forward with conviction and it seemed like it would be a match that suited his style. On Genoa’s first goal he kinda lost the ball that led to their attack and since then his play fell a bit. 5.5/10

Ismael Bennacer: Bennacer continues his good form in the middle of the field. On the ball Bennacer played with strength and distributed the ball all over the pitch. Finally Bennacer didn't get a yellow card. 6/10

Franck Kessie: Kessie like usual was great at disrupting play but as I say in almost every ratings article his offensive ability leaves much to be desired. 6/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Hakan actually wasn't that bad against Genoa. He had some nice two touch plays with the forwards and created chances. Hakan even had a chance of his won but he wasn't able to score. 6/10

Samu Castillejo: For me Castillejo didn't have much action in the first half as he saw very little of the ball. In the second half though he was more active creating more opportunities for the team. 6/10

Ante Rebic: The Rebic goal streak has come to an end sadly. He wasn't as impactful in this match be he still made his presence felt. But like the rest of the team he lacked the ability to finish. 6/10

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Zlatan has made a big impact on this team and this match was no different as he was instrumental moving the ball and making nice touch passes. My only complaint with Zlatan is that he must finish his opportunities. 6/10


Jack Bonaventura: Jack’s performance was actually better than what he has been recently. There was a little improvement from Jack but not like he used to be. 6/10

Rafael Leao: Leao didn't bring much to the game once coming on. His presence was almost none existent. However, that was just like everyone else in attack. 5.5/10

Davide Calabria: N/A