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AC Milan Projected To Lose €3.4 Million Due To Coronavirus Stadium Closures

The matched against Genoa and Roma behind closed will represent a loss of over 10% of match day revenues.


AC Milan and the rest of the Serie A are set to lose big money due to the coronavirus outbreak across Italy that has seen many games being postponed and played behind closed doors. The government has enforced a ban of audiences for sporting events until the 3rd of April in the meantime as we reported here. Calcio e Finanza are reporting that Serie A clubs could lose about 28.6 million euros from match day revenues over the month. Milan in particular will lose 3.4 million euros representing the second largest loss in the country trumped only by Juventus at 12.3 million.

Calcio e Finanza

Milan will lose an expected 1.3 million from the home fixture against Genoa and 2.2 million from the home fixture against AS Roma in two weeks. For Milan this is a significant loss that will represent about 12% of the annual projection. Inter Milan are expected to lose 2.7 million in this period and will be the third largest affected.

Calcio e Finanza