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AC Milan Ultras Slam Management Over Public Spat

The ultras are calling for professionalism and the maintenance of the Milan brand.


Curva Sud via Football Italia have released a statement slamming AC Milan's management. The ultras are hitting out at Zvonimir Boban and Ivan Gazidis over their public spat as well as the entire technical department including Paolo Maldini for a disappointing job. The ultras are calling for the disagreements to be kept out of the press and for the image of Milan to be maintained even in tough times.

Read the translated statement below:

“Unfortunately, we are forced to accept with great bitterness that, save for shock turnarounds, we are sliding towards the end of yet another disappointing season,” read the statement.

“The latest diatribes around the club are not doing any good to Milan, let alone to the mood of the fans who have been on the edge for some time already.

“Putting the responsibility for this latest debacle on one person seems unfair and inelegant. We wait for the situation to be better defined, trying to understand what possible scenarios are on the horizon.

“We are not taking our eyes off the reality of the situation, which is that that the sporting directorial staff (Boban and Maldini, ndr) must take the blame for some at the very least disappointing choices, both in terms of coach and transfer market, and at the same time cannot forget that the club chose to entrust these figures with the job of relaunching Milan.

“Hoping not to start every summer talking about a ‘Year Zero,’ we also trust that we won’t see this media ping-pong game play out again, as the future directorial staff – whoever they may be – remember the fundamental importance of washing your dirty linen in private!”