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AC Milan Director Zvonimir Boban Hits Out At CEO Ivan Gazidis Over Rangnick Approach

Boban and Maldini vs Gazidis; Again!

Zvonimir Boban of AC Milan, looks on before the Serie A... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

Yahoo Sports are reporting on the chaos at AC Milan as Director Zvonimir Boban hit out at CEO Ivan Gazidis in an interview discussing the approach of Ralf Rangnick to be the new Chief Football Officer. The director called publicly for an urgent meeting with the club's owners - Elliot Management. There is a clear split amongst Milan's management on the future of the club and the way forward in the summer. Gazidis wants to hire Rangnick to develop as RB Leipzig type of strategy focused on the youth and turning profits through player sales. Boban and Maldini want to return to winning by sticking with Stefano Pioli or hiring Massimiliano Allegri whilst investing equally in youth and experience.

Boban goes on record to say, “Until a few days ago, I thought it was true that there were not two souls within Milan, albeit taking into account all the thousand initial difficulties, cultural differences and very different passions for the Rossoneri cause.

The fact we’re having to talk about this is not good for anyone. The worst part is that this destabilising event is happening during a moment when the team is improving and you can see Stefano Pioli’s hard work.

Not even warning us was disrespectful and inelegant. It was not the Milan style. At least not what we remembered the Milan style as being.

He went on to note on the relationship ”The way I see it, unity means sharing, unity means respect. At the end of the day, we need that approach, it is the only way to work and feel good.

We’ve already talked to Gazidis. For the good of Milan, it is certainly necessary that a meeting with the ownership happens as soon as possible.

The club's management structure is in distress again, we have to wait and see who Elliot back in the summer; Gazidis or Maldini/Boban.