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AC Milan and Inter Make Stadium Progress As Mayor Sala Provides Encouraging Statement

The two clubs are closer than ever to unlocking the permissions necessary to proceed.

AC Milan

Sport Mediaset via Sempre Milan quoted Milan Mayor Sala giving positive remarks on the Nuovo Stadio Milano project. As we reported earlier this week here, AC Milan and Inter Milan made compromises on the maintenance of the San Siro unlocking the path ahead for the clubs to begin the project. Sala stated, “the teams are bringing a more elaborate and constructive proposal that foresees that San Siro will remain. However, it will not only remain, but also be dedicated to other sports. It will stay in the centre of the city in an area that is ours.“

The earlier report notes the survival of the orange grandstand and one of the iconic pillars. “Then the teams will build hotels, offices and whatever will allow them to return to the stadium investment. However, the San Siro will remain and become a sports citadel,” he concluded.