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AC Milan and Inter Close To Unlocking Stadium Approvals As New Agreements Reached With Municipality

The Mayor indicated optimism last week and a new report outlines two key compromises made by the clubs.


La Repubblica via provided updates on the situation of the Nuovo Stadio Milano that has seemingly been stuck since the summer. The report indicates that there have been two major developments in the pursuit of the new stadium. AC Milan and Inter Milan face off in the derby this week as their management looks to expedite the construction of the new stadium. Firstly, the management of both clubs have compromised on the requests of the municipality to avoid the full demolition of the San Siro. Instead the clubs would maintain the orange grandstand, one of the towers and one Curva thus only a partial demolition of the stadium would occur. Secondly, the issue of the money going to the municipality could be solved as they usually receive around 10 million euros per year from the clubs and the move to the new stadium and the shift from the San Siro would’ve interrupted this. The solution would be that the club pays for the land lease for the location of the stadium starting now year on year for the 90 year lease foregoing the initially proposed grace period of 32 years.

Milan’s Mayor Sala spoke to ANSA via last week and noted growing optimism over the stadium project as he felt that the management of both clubs were coming closer to requirements set out by the municipality. He indicated a desire to maintain San Siro as part of the present of the clubs and not leave it to be forgotten as the past.