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AC Milan Could Reportedly Hire Ralf Rangnick As Sporting Director and Manager In The Summer

The key recruiter for RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig could be his scouting knowledge and contacts to the club.

Press conference RB Leipzig Photo by Sebastian Willnow/picture alliance via Getty Images

According to German newspaper Bild, Ralf Rangnick - the current Head of International Relations and Scouting for Red Bull is set to join AC Milan at the end of the season after previously being linked last summer. Rangnick formerly worked at RB Salzburg in Austria and RB Leipzig in Germany greatly raising the profiles of both clubs during his time at the helm. The report notes that he is expected to take up a monumental role as both manager and sporting director at the club. This new role would allow him to implement his strategy of three K’s - Kapital, Konzept and Kompetenz (money, concept and competence) to rebuild Milan under a new identity. Rangnick has been coaching since the 1980s and has managed other teams such as Schalke 04 and Hoffenheim. He has won 2 league titles (in lower divisions), 3 domestic cups and 1 continental cup in his time as manager.

His recruitment style is what he is better known for as his acquisition and keen eye for RB Salzburg and RB Leipzig have quickly brought them to the summit of both the German and Austrian Bundesliga. Salzburg have been winning back to back titles for at least the past 4 years whilst Leipzig have finished 2nd, 6th and 3rd over the past three seasons and are currently fighting Bayern Munich for the top spot this year. The change in direction by the club - if this comes to fruition - would be radical and requires a huge amount of investment to mirror the business of the Red Bull owned clubs. Anto Vitiello later noted that Milan are currently happy with the progress under Stefano Pioli and that any decision regarding the way forward would only be made at the end of the season.